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What is izzbie?

izzbie is a Virtual Network base on software defined networking "SDN" technology.

Is izzbie ONE a VPN router?

No, izzbie ONE is not a router. It is a smart hub that connects to your router at home and creates a private tunnel for you to connect to your home network through the izzbie app.
It's a lot easier to set up and use than VPN router. Once you link up the izzbie ONE device with your user account, you would be able to connect to it using any device that runs on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS using the izzbie app. It also works on Android tv box!

How is izzbie ONE different from my VPN router?

The major different is that VPN routers only allow users to access one network at a time with what is commonly referred to as a hub-and-spoke configuration. izzbie allows users to create a mesh network with multiple networks so users can connect to all of the networks simultaneously with one single login.
Besides that, izzbie is a lot easier to setup. It does not require a static IP to connect to a home or office network. It identifies the user account and uses a unique token to login every time.

How are you guys different from other subscription based VPN services?

We use Software Defined Network(SDN) technology that allows users to create a Virtual Mesh Private Network with any number of their home and office networks. Common VPN services use public proxy servers to relay your data.

So does it mean if I install the izzbie ONE device at home, I can have internet access from anywhere without using wifi or my phone data?

No, izzbie ONE does not work like a hotspot device and would not provide internet data on its own. You would need to use wifi or phone data to connect to it.
However, connecting to your izzbie ONE at home would encrypt your data when you use public wifi to protect your privacy.

Is izzbie ONE a portable device? Do I have to carry it around?

Not at all.
izzbie ONE connects to your router at home with an ethernet cable. When you are out and about, you can connect to it using the izzbie app installed on your mobile devices.
Unlike other VPN products on the market, there is no extra hardware to carry.
You can connect from anywhere with a working internet connection.

What do you mean when you say you don't use VPN protocol? What protocol do you use?

There are a few commonly used VPN protocols to establish a private tunnel such as OpenVPN. These protocols are easily identified by the websites and authorities that block VPN data traffic. We use our proprietary protocol which is not affected by common VPN blocks. It gives users better access to geolocation restricted internet contents.

Does my data pass your servers? Do you see or collect my data?

Our system uses an advanced Direct Link Technology to establish a private tunnel (encrypted) connection between you and your home networks. We are not able to see, process, or collect any user data. The only data we receive would be your user info when you sign up for the account. Moreover, we use it according to our privacy agreement.

Does your device work in any country? I live in the UK, and I travel to Asia a lot.

Yes, izzbie would work anywhere in the world as long as there is a working internet connection. Once you install an izzbie ONE device at your home. You would be able to access your home network when you travel to any country.
Your data would be encrypted when you connect though izzbie. And your geolocation can be set to your home location, which means you would be able to see the web contents in your home region.

There are lots of routers out there that can create mesh wifi network. How is your device different?

Mesh wifi network and virtual mesh network are two completely different concepts.
A mesh wifi network is a mesh of wifi signals designed to cover most areas inside a network.
On the other hand, izzbie ONE allows users to create a virtual mesh network with multiple homes and office networks.
The "mesh" in the former refers to the wifi signal inside a home network, while in the latter (izzbie ONE) it refers to multiple home networks.

What is an izzbie user account? How do I get it?

An izzbie user account is a valid login that you can use to connect to your home network through the izzbie app. However, your home would need to have an izzbie ONE installed in order for you to access your home network.
You can get an izzbie user account with the purchase of am izzbie ONE device.
You can share your izzbie ONE with other izzbie users. Just simply send your izzbie ONE's QR code to others.

What is the front LED signal indicating?

1. Solid red - System booting
2. Blinking red - izzbie node is establishing internet connection, or During reset when the reset button is pressed for 10 seconds.
3. Solid blue - izzbie node did not log in successfully
4. Blinking blue - izzbie node logging into system
5. Solid green - izzbie node logged in successfully and ready to use.
6. Blinking greem - izzbie node is downloading new firmware. It will reboot itself twice during the upgrade process. Please do not disconnect the power.

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